Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nexus 7 dock review.

The nexus 7 dock is a long awaited addition to the nexus line of google products. While the nexus 7 may have been a revolutionary $200 tablet, the dock is a rather basic add on, which I think will only be truly appreciated by a select few. This isn't meant to sound pompous in any way. Instead, Im referring to the docks lack-luster features, and low profile design. 
The tablet its at a steep angle making typing harder. 
Voice commands become  an essential feature

What it does have:
The dock charges your nexus using the 4 pin connector, making it essential that you take off your case before resting in in the carrier. In this regard it's pretty robust, it held my tablet in place even as I slapped it to disable my morning alarm. The tablet itself will go into screen saver mode when docked, unless you tap the power button to dim the screen completely. 

The port access is pretty limited.
The dock has an audio jack. To be honest this doesn't impress me at all. Many users have their devices configured for DLNA servers and wireless audio making this addition a bit null. It could be of benefit if you use system alarms and such very frequently, but again, the tablet's speaker is pretty loud. It may also be better for video chatting, but I can't say that I have tested it yet.

What it lacks:
Well I could attack this devices lack of a HDMI port, but honestly how big of a deal is this? Like I mentioned before, setting up a DLNA server is commonplace these days, and with googles cloud based services, a HDMI port is just wasted hardware. 

Built in speakers and a mic. I would have liked this dock to make the nexus a more video chat friendly device. The aren't enough opportunities to really test video conferencing in my field, and any chance I could have to make them operate in a higher class are much appreciated.

I would have also liked to see dock-mode be more google now ready. It wold be nice if I could just say google commands while Im working, and have my tablet make the necessary adjustments.

That said, the dock is just about as handy as you would expect a dock to be. It holds your device at a reasonable angle and provides you with easier access to basic functions, simply by holding it in place. My guess is that this dock is really only going to benefit those who need a new  alarm clock, or needed a desk assistant. 

I like mine, and for $30 you can't go wrong anyway.

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